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Seven New And Improved Reports

Seven reports - three new and four improved - have been migrated to Cognos QA.  [24-Nov-2014 These reports have been in production for a few months now.]


  1. Project Reports > m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER.  The financial basics for many projects at once, in a one-line-per-project presentation.
  2. Project Reports > m-Fin AWARD.  A report specifically created to run by project sponsor award code and meant to be handy particularly for cases where there is more than one project set up for an award.  It's a one page summary of the financial activity associated with the award.  My thanks to Boulder Campus's Nadezhda Vovk for the suggestions that are the basis of this report.
  3. m-Fin LAUNCH.  A menu system for m-Fin reports.  The normal task sequence for generic Cognos is to select the desired report and then provide some parameters for the run, such as a speedtype.  By turning this around we can put in some smarts about what reports might be appropriate.  m-Fin LAUNCH first asks for some parameters and then shows you a menu of reports that is based on what you provided.  m-Fin LAUNCH is entirely optional.  All the reports still have their built in, stand-alone prompting.  This is a work-in-progress but it is far enough along that we need to get it out of the lab and available for you to try.


  1. m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY.  Just some tweaks and a refresh of the improvements announced back in June.
  2. m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY.  Corresponding improvements to this report that are like the improvements to m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY.
  3. m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.  Support for selection of multiple funds and also prompt input validation features brought up to our current standards.
  4. m-Fin ACCOUNT NUMBER.  Prompt input validation features brought up to our current standards.


lauren miremont

The m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS report is great. I wonder if more detail could be added to the salary,wages, benefits section to include appointment begin and end dates? Thank you!

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