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Project Expenditures By Month

Need something like m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY but that can cross fiscal years?  Try Project Reports > m-Fin PROJECT EXPENDITURES BY MONTH.

m-Fin PROJECT EXPENDITURES BY MONTH is a new report inspired by the expenditures-by-month report that is available in PSLite for project id's.  Like m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY, m-Fin PROJECT EXPENDITURES BY MONTH shows actuals in monthly columns.  But it is not limited to a single fiscal year.  Like the PSLite report, it combines multi-speedtype projects (i.e. multi-subclass projects).  So it does not page by speedtype.  Also like the PSLite report, it does not report encumbrances.

This report can span any range of months.  This works ok in HTML output because if the output gets annoyingly wide you can freeze row headings.  To do this use the same right-click maneuver as for freeze column headings.  In PDF output, however, asking for too many columns can result in extremely tiny font.  You can mitigate this somewhat by rendering the PDF for wider paper.  To do this, use the same technique as for change portrait PDF into landscape but additionally specifying the paper size.

Try m-Fin PROJECT EXPENDITURES BY MONTH now in Cognos QA.  Feedback?  Please comment here.

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