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Payroll Encumbs Overstated

Some payroll encumbrances are overstated.  For available balance calculations that use encumbrances this can cause the available balance to report incorrectly as in the red.

Work to review and address this problem is expected the week of December 28, 2015.


Carla Ho-a

Hi Carl- it looks like the payroll encumbrances are still overstated - any idea when this will be corrected?  Thanks!

Carl Sorenson

Carla - I have not heard about progress on this yet.  I will bug the appropriate people today.

Kellie Matthews

I am still seeing overstated incumbrances- is there any ETA on getting that resolved?

Carl Sorenson

Kellie - I do not have a firm date for when to expect payroll encumbrances to be fixed but I can say it is an important data issue being worked on by the PeopleSoft programmers.

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