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Pay transactions report enhancements

We are improving m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS.  This new version of the report is available to you now for testing in the QA environment:  [now in production]

  1. If there are payroll expense transfers (PET), the report will show three PET identifier columns and provide a drill link to m-Fin PET.
  2. Identical pay lines are collapsed into one line, summing the dollars.

My thanks to Boulder's Stefanie Furman for these improvement ideas, and for testing.


Carl Sorenson

I added a simple text box prompt for employee id on html output.  This is good for if you have a list of employee id's for which you want to examine the data one at a time.  Key in the next employee id and hit enter without having to go back to the prompt page.
I also set it so that pdf does not repeat the logos on every page.

Stefanie Furman

Nice improvements, Carl!  I love the text box prompt, that will save lots of clicks :) Thanks so much!

Carl Sorenson

Thanks, Stef.  It's like single speedtype mode.  I intend to do another blog post about that soon.