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m-Fin Production Migration

New versions of many m-Fin reports have migrated to production, changed for one or both of the following:

  • get project PI from the project team data instead of from the project grant proposal
  • project prompt allows a letter in the third position

Also include in this migration:

  • Project Reports > m-Fin AWARD EXPENDITURES BY MONTH
  • m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL enhancements



Is m-Fin offline?   I no longer have a link on my cuinfo dashboard to get to the financial reporting link.  If it is down, when is it supposed to be back up?

Carl Sorenson

Denise - There was not an outage yesterday, at least that I know of.  If you are still having trouble you may contact

Diane Przygocki

The Receivables activity report is great to show processed invoices and payments. Would it be possible to create an mFin report that shows us the invoices not yet processed   ie  expenses by month, not billed?   PS 8.4 showed them as New Bill and included the total $ and end date of invoice. PS 9.2 only shows an invoice number then you need to click into each one to get additional information.

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