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m-Fin Production Issue

m-Fin reports sometimes run, but often do not, instead just stuck spinning.  I am working with the appropriate people to get this resolved.  High priority.


Jeanne Paradeis

also getting message when trying to go into a report to select criteria - worked fine earlier today but not now


Unable to load balance the request because no nodes in the cluster are available, or no nodes are configured for the service: reportService.




Carl Sorenson

We have managed to improve the situation so that m-Fin reports much more often succeed than get stuck.  But they still do get stuck occasionally and so I am continuing to pursue this issue with the technical team.
The error Jeanne Paradeis shows in her message above, DPR-ERR-2014, should be taken care of now.

Carl Sorenson

While it does occur less frequently now, CU's production Cognos nevertheless still occasionally does get stuck spinning and so the technical team has a trouble ticket in with IBM now to see if this can be improved.

Carl Sorenson

The technical team has made an adjustment to the Cognos software configuration which seems to have fixed this issue.  Since this change, I have not experienced Cognos production getting stuck.

Randi Viola

I have been attempting to pull up previous year's Financial Detail reports.  They come up as blank page (as if there were no transactions), even though I know pre previous account reconciliations that there were transactions.  I have cleared cache, tried in IE & Chrome & still get no result.

Carl Sorenson

Randi - There is detail data available for fiscal years back to fy 2000.  Depending on how you are selecting data it could be that data you are looking for is on a subsequent page.  In HTML when this is the case there is a Page Down link in the lower left.  Feel free to contact FinProHelp for assistance:

Jeanne Paradeis

Having trouble with detail transaction reports just spinning today.

Carl Sorenson

Jeanne - There is a new version of this report in Cognos QA that performs better for certain kinds of runs.  Please give it a try and let me know your results.

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