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The m-Fin PI

For projects, we are changing all m-Fin reports to get the PI from the PeopleSoft Finance 9.2 project team assignments.  (PI is also known as PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR, PROJECT PRINCIPAL, and PROJECT FISCAL PRINCIPAL - these all mean the same thing).  This change is approved by the controllers offices on each of the campuses.  Since go live with 9.2 m-Fin has been getting the PI from the proposal instead of from the project team, and it turns out that sometimes this is a different person.

Quite a few reports are changing.  When they are ready they all will move to Cognos QA at the same time and then as usual I will blog post to announce testing.


Diane Przygocki

Is the proposal flowing over from InfoEd? Is the Project Team assignment a manual entry for SPA that the department will need to designate?

Carolyn Landa

Hi Diane, UCB hasn't starting running the Interface between InfoEd and PS but I do know they are entering in new proposals manually. Regarding the Project Team, my understanding is that some of the Project Team will come over from InfoEd and then SPA will enter anyone else that is needed during project setup.  
Hopefully this answers your questions however if you do have more questions or need more information it would probably be better to reach out to SPA so they can walk you through their current business process.
Thanks, Carolyn

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