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m-Fin OUTSTANDING ENCUMBRANCES sometimes would fail to return dataset output (Excel 2007 data and csv).  The fail was particularly common for org | orgnode runs.  It would spin endlessly instead of returning data.  This is fixed now, and ready for you to test in Cognos QA.  [12-Jan-2015 migrated to production.]


Jason Feickert

I tested and the report is working well. Thanks for fixing!


I have also removed the obsolete columns for pre-encumbrances and total encumbrances.  These distinctions are no longer used and so now there is just a single column titled ENCUMBRANCE.


Run outstanding encumbrance report by org and then output to pdf results in continuous spinning with no report generated. Tried on both IE11 and Chrome with same results.

Carl Sorenson

Joanne - I think this problem with pdf is the same as the problem with MSExcel 2007 data and is fixed with this new version of the report available to you in Cognos QA.

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