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m-Fin LAUNCH Improved For Orgnodes

We've greatly expanded the capabilities of the launch page for orgnodes.  This is in the Cognos QA m-Fin LAUNCH, after you provide an initial org or orgnode value.  [26 May 2015 migrated to production.]  The changes include:

  1. Submenus for fund types
  2. Hierarchical orgtree browsing
  3. Reports that page by speedtype
  4. Reports that combine speedtypes

Submenus for fund types

When considering an org or orgnode, you may want to run for just certain types of funds or you may want to run for all funds at once.  For this m-Fin LAUNCH now provides five submenu columns:  GENERAL, AUXILIARY, RESTRICTED, PLANT, and ALL FUNDS.  The radio button prompt in the upper left switches between them.  The last radio button option, ALL, displays all of the columns at once, which you might like if you have a wide screen.

Hierarchical orgtree browsing

The prompts in the upper right provide a way to move up and down the orgtree.  The reports are set to run for the deepest selected orgtree value.  To unselect a level pick either the first value in the prompt's pick-list, such as DEPTTREE LEVEL07 DESC, or pick the second value, the dashes.  To go directly to a five character org | orgnode value you have in mind, type the value into the text box, followed by the enter key.

Reports that page by speedtype

Reports that start a new page for each speedtype are in the menu section labeled page break by speedtype.  The m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY report is offered twice.  The no rev link runs it with revenues excluded.

Reports that combine speedtypes

Reports that subtotal multiple speedtypes on a page, or that completely combine speedtypes so that no individual speedtypes are shown, are in the menu section labeled combine speedtypes.  Like the SUMMARY report, the m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL report is offered with and without revenues.  Optional subtotal prompts are provided for those target reports that have configurable subtotaling.

All of the reports stand on their own

While we hope you'll find it useful, it's helpful to understand that m-Fin LAUNCH is not required.  If you know what report you want to run it is perfectly ok to run it directly instead of using m-Fin LAUNCH.

We are ready for your test drive now

We know that many m-Fin users do not run for org | orgnodes, but for those of you that do, this new version of m-Fin LAUNCH offers quite a bit more than before.  Try it out in Cognos QA and post your comments below.

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