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Want to see all of your procurement card transactions for a fiscal year?  Try m-Fin ESP TRANSACTIONS.  It is available to you now for testing, in Cognos QA.  [13-Jul-2015: This report has migrated to production.]

m-Fin ESP TRANSACTIONS runs for an individual procurement card holder.  It lists the charges incurred on the procurement card for a fiscal year.  It can run one vendor at a time or all at once.  If you want vendor totals and currently you manually total individual procurement reports from Concur or you manually total from printed receipts, I encourage you to give this new report a try.  My thanks to Employee Services's Judy Anderson for help with defining this report.

Sometimes the first procurement card holder search is a little slow (15 seconds).  Let us know if you like the report - if we should put more work into it striving to improve the search speed.  Leave a comment below.


Margaret Kolicko

I was unable to find m-Fin ESP Transactions in the Cognos QA folder?

Carl Sorenson

m-Fin ESP TRANSACTIONS is now in production, in the Finance folder.  If you do not see it then perhaps you are just seeing only the first 15 items.  If so, here is some help for that:

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