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Like reports that show one line per speedtype?  Interested in seeing separate continuing and temporary budget?  Want to see speedtypes within Revenues, Expenditures, and then within Transfers?  m-Fin BUDGET TO ACTUAL arrives today in Cognos QA.  It is directly inspired by the Denver site’s Budget to Actual and Trial Bal -> Budget to Actual (Horizontal).  I invite you to test.

Encumbrances are calculated the same as in other m-Fin reports, so they do not always match the encumbrance amounts reported in the old Denver report.  As directed by your campus Financial offices, m-Fin uses Facilities and Administration encumbrances for projects and will in certain cases use multi-year encumbrances.

Like any garden variety revenue-and-expenditure summary report, this report runs the same BUDGET BAL AFTER ENCUMBS calculation on everything.  It’s up to you to interpret whether this calculation is appropriate for a given speedtype.  If you are unsure, run m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY or m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY to see AVAILABLE BALANCE.

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