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Need an accounting summary that also shows CU Foundation available amounts?  Try m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY FUND 34.

m-Fin "accounting" reports follow this basic concept:  current net position = fy beginning net position + fy revenue - fy expenditures + fy transfers.  This is the essence of the normal m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY report.  Some fund 34 (gift) programs, however, also have money available in CU Foundation.  This money has not been booked as any kind of accounting entry yet and so it does not show up on m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY.  We do include it on m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY, but that is a more voluminous report and there is no overall total when there are multiple pages.  So we have developed a new accounting summary report that is specifically for fund 34, m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY FUND 34.  It has an additional column CU FOUNDATION AVAILABLE BALANCE, so you can see this money that is waiting in the wings.  Try it out in Cognos QA.  [24-nov-2014 migrated to production.]

Revenues are negative

As usual, revenues are negative in this report.  This is how they are booked in CU's PeopleSoft accounting system and, for consistency, we do not change this in m-Fin.



Carl this report will work just fine for us. The normalized current cash column will be welcomed by our non-accountants. Thanks!

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