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Elevate and m-Fin

This is a general explanation of what to expect from m-Fin for October 2015.

With CU’s Elevate project, some structural changes are coming to CU’s financial accounting data.  The changes arrive in production November 10, 2015 December 10, 2015.  This date is known as the go-live date for PeopleSoft FIN 9.2 at CU.

We are adapting m-Fin reports now to accommodate the changes.  We will make the changed m-Fin reports available for testing in the Cognos QA system.  Then on the go-live date all m-Fin reports that have passed testing will migrate to Cognos production.

This week we are still working on set up.  We expect that by September 28th we'll have a few m-Fin reports available for testing, adding a few more each day thereafter.  I will do another blog post announcing this.  Reports will have some adjustments necessary to accommodate the new FIN 9.2 data structure.  For example, headers for project speedtypes will show a new data element named ACTIVITY ID.


Carl Sorenson

There are a few m-Fin reports available for testing in Cognos QA.  Today the controllers for each of the campuses agreed to do further testing of these m-Fin reports within their offices before there is a general announcement inviting end-user testing.

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