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CU-Data is live as the official production m-Fin system today, Monday May 1, 2017.  CU-Data is Cognos 11.  Cognos 10 will remain available for a few months.

There are three choices for Cognos under the CU Portal's reporting and compliance menu:

  • CU-Data - Official production system for m-Fin reports.  This is the new CU-Data Cognos 11 system.
  • Public Folders - Remains available unsupported.  This is the old CU Reporting System (Cognos 10).
  • My Folders - Remains available unsupported.  This is the old CU Reporting System (Cognos 10).

If you instead use the CU Portal "quick links" to get into Cognos - that has not changed yet, but expect that it will soon.  [July 2017: Now it is changed - has a CU-Data link.]

Navigating to reports in CU-Data is different from Cognos 10.  For help getting going see getting ready for CU-Data.

In previous communications from OUC, and shown in the "getting ready" videos (until we get new ones), it was expected that there would be two links from CU Portal to Cognos 11:  team content and my content.  It turned out that this was not possible with Cognos 11.  So we have just one link, CU-Data.

For those of you with content in your Cognos 10 my folders, you can either:

  • recreate it from scratch in CU-Data
  • continue to run it in Cognos 10 until instructions are provided for how to move content into CU-Data

Recreating your content in Cognos 11 is the best way to go if you have just a few simple report views that can be recreated in just a couple of minutes.  We know, however, that some of you have a significant investment in your Cognos 10 my folders content.  We will take care of you.  Expect the instructions to be published here on the m-Fin blog within the next two weeks.

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