Getting Ready for CU-Data

On May 1, we upgraded our financial reporting system from Cognos 10.2.1 to Cognos 11. The upgraded version, called CU-Data, offers additional features beyond those found in a simple reporting system. For a period of time (through FY 2017 year-end), you'll have access to both the new CU-Data and the old Cognos/CU Reporting System. After that, only CU-Data will be available.

What's different?

Find out What to Expect with CU-Data  

How does it work? Watch the videos

We've created several videos and procedures to help you get acquainted with CU-Data.

How-To: Running a Report in CU-Data

Watch the Video

How-To: Drilling Down in CU-Data

Watch the Video

 How-To: Creating Report Views in CU-Data

Watch the Video

Accessing CU-Data

Log in to your campus portal. On the CU Resources page, select Reporting and Compliance, CU-Data.

To access the old Cognos/CU Reporting System (available through FY 2017 year-end), select Reporting and Compliance, Public Folders (or My Folders).

Helpful Tip!

In CU-Data, don't use the browser Back button!

Questions & Feedback

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