m-Fin How-To: Running a Report in CU-Data

Are you ready to run a report in the upgraded CU Reporting System? The navigation has changed a bit, but you'll find the prompts and m-Fin reports are essentially the same!

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  1. Log in to the system using your campus portal and click Reporting and Compliance, CU-Data. This will take you to the Reporting System homepage.You have two ways to find a report …

  2. ​A list of reports will appear in alphabetical order - select the report

  3. Enter your report prompts and click Finish to run.

​​Want to re-run the report with different parameters?

Click the Run As icon in the upper left then select Reset prompts and run.

Want a different format?

Click the Run As icon and select the format you prefer: PDF … Excel ...Excel data … or CSV. If you want to print a fully formatted report, it’s helpful to run the report to PDF.

Want to drill for additional detail?

Click on any of the blue hyperlinked values. The resulting data will generally display in the same tab.

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