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Billing limit in m-Fin AWARD

We are improving the m-Fin AWARD report to show billing and revenue limits when these exist.  These limits often are the same as the budget but the people who work on your billing appreciate seeing the limits displayed separately, so that there is no wondering about them.

We also changed the display of over-the-limit amounts so that these appear automatically if they exist.  These columns are labeled OLT and ROL (over limit, revenue over limit).

This new version of m-Fin AWARD is available for you to test now, in Cognos QA.  [Now in production.]  Remember, when you run for an award that has no limits, the report isn't different.


Carl Sorenson

Actually when you run for an award that has no limits, this new version of the report is a little different from production because this new version also includes our work to display PROJ BILL TYPE ID and PROJ CONTRACT TYPE CODE.


I have a question with Trial balance summary report. Whom do i talk to know more ?

Carl Sorenson

Rohini - Ask  Basics:  The TOTAL report sums speedtypes together.  The SUMMARY report pages by speedtypes.  For some funds (eg. fund 10) the balance sheet section is not relevant to managing the FOPPS.  This is solved by running m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY instead, which has logic determined by the campus controllers for when it is appropriate to display the balance sheet section.

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