Refer to the information below when renting a vehicle for official university business.

Review rental guidelines and agreements

Agreements and discounts can be used by employees, students, and non-employees renting a vehicle for official university business.

In most cases, decline all insurance. Liability, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)/LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)/theft insurance provided at no cost to traveler when renting with CU rates from contract rental agencies in the U.S.

  • Some countries require traveler to purchase additional rental vehicle insurance; this cost is allowable if requirement for insurance is documented. 
  • Limited, secondary insurance coverage is provided by Visa when using your US Bank Travel Card when certain terms and conditions are met.   If you have additional questions regarding this coverage, contact 1.800.VISA.911


The University has agreements with several car rental companies. Phone numbers and CU discount codes are provided below.


  • (800) 633-3469
  • A800900


  • (800) 218-7992
  • D486300


  • (855) 266-9289
  • XZ12405


  • (877) 222-9058
  • XZ12405


  • (800) 654-3131
  • 38725

Enroll in reward programs

You can select to enroll in one or more of the following car rental rewards programs. Once enrolled, be sure to add the rewards numbers to your Concur profile to ensure all trips are automatically applied.

Reserve a vehicle

To reserve online               

  1. Access Concur via your campus portal
  2. Under Trip Search, select the car icon tab and enter search criteria
  3. Make a vehicle selection from one of the CU Preferred Agencies (Hertz, National/Enterprise, Avis, Budget)
  4. Review vehicle information and click Reserve Car and Continue
  5. Confirm your reservation by reviewing your travel details, then click Next
  6. Enter your 8-digit SpeedType and select if the trip is grant funded, then click Next
  7. Finalize your reservation by reviewing details, then click Confirm Bookings

To reserve by phone

  1. Call the desired agency
  2. Indicate that you are using a university discount code
  3. Provide the appropriate discount code to receive CU rates and insurance (discount codes are listed in Review rental guidelines and agreements, above)

Pick up rental vehicle and retain receipt

  1. Provide your Travel Card or personal credit card as payment
  2. Confirm that CU agreement and rate has been applied, which includes CDW and LDW insurance.

    Note: If the type of vehicle being rented is not covered by the CU agreement (such as some vans, trucks, and SUVs), you may purchase collision damage coverage and submit that expense upon conclusion of the trip.
  3. Retain itemized receipts and proof of payment for car rental costs and rental car gas expenses over $75. If e-receipts are available from the rental car vendor, paper receipts need not be attached to the expense report.

Claim expenses

Upon conclusion of the trip, submit expenses as follows:

  1. Employees: Use the  Concur Expense System
  2. Non-employees and students: Use the Non-Employee Reimbursement form