There are a number of forms relevant to the Commercial Card Program.

Following is a list, in alphabetical order, of Commercial Card Program forms and their purpose:

  • Approving Official Application/Update. Used to authorize a new Approving Official to review and approve cardholder transactions and documentation.
  • Cardholder Application - Procurement Card. Used to establish a new Cardholder with a Procurement Card. For more information on setting up a new account, see Section 4 - The Procurement Card.
  • Cardholder Update. Used to change Cardholder information (dollar limts etc.) or to notify PSC Commercial Card Administration that a card should be cancelled (when a Cardholder leaves the department or will no longer perform purchasing functions).
  • Violation Notification. Used to notify a Cardholder and PSC Commercial Card Administration of a violation of Procurement Card policies. This form is signed by the AO, faxed to PSC Commercial Card Administration, and retained in the department's files with the applicable Statement of Account.


Among the management tools available to enhance the Commercial Card Program are email notifications and reports from the Expense System; information and documentation on the PSC web site; and the staff of PSC Commercial Card Administration.

Email Notifications

For information on email notifications, see the Expense System Email Table.


For information on the reports, see the Expense System Learning Resources.