Effective Date: 09/11/2023 (see below for changes effective February 12, 2024)

Lost or Stolen Cards

For lost or stolen Procurement and/or Travel Cards it is only necessary to contact US Bank directly at 1.800.344.5696 to report the incident. There is no associated form or Concur process. 


To update information associated with a current Travel and/or Procurement Card such as: 

  • Cardholder's name 
  • Billing address 
  • Purchase and billing limits, etc. 

Also used to cancel (inactivate) a Travel and/or Procurement Card.  

Cardholder Process

Cardholder updates are processed electronically via Request in the Concur Travel and Expense Management System.

You can access Concur from the associated tile found in the employee portal. Applications submitted in Concur Request will route electronically for approvals in the system. 

To change a Procurement Cardholder's Approving Official, follow the Approving Official (AO) Application/Update process.