When booking international travel in Concur:

Pre-approval for international travel is required: employees continue to use Concur Request for this process. You still need to provide your airfare route (segments) and an estimated total trip cost in Concur Request.
You need to enter an approved Request ID Number as part of the required information (along with a SpeedType and whether or not the trip is grant funded).  If you’re traveling on federal grant funds (Fund 30 SpeedTypes), you need to comply with grant requirements, including the Fly America Act. (Contact your campus sponsored projects office to ensure that you’re aware of all restrictions.) When searching for flights in Concur, you’ll see a Fly America icon designating compliant flights.

Do employees still need to submit a Concur Request?

Yes. Employees must submit a Concur Request for pre-approval of international travel. Concur routes Requests to the traveler's department approver (or a SpeedType approver) and then to the appropriate Officer (the designated international travel approver for the employee's organizational unit). For high-risk destinations (as identified by University Risk Management), Concur also routes the Request to the Chancellor/President or their delegate for approval. This process has not changed.

Can I get a quote from Concur for my international flight, or do I need to contact Christopherson Business Travel?

You have a choice: get a quote from Concur or from CBT, as you prefer.

Can I still use Christopherson Business Travel to book international flights?

We’re making international travel booking available in Concur for our travelers’ convenience. You still have the option to book trips – international and domestic – through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT), and we encourage you to work with CBT on complex (multi-leg) international trips. When you book through a CBT agent, a $20 booking fee will apply. 

My travel is covered by federal grants. Does Concur understand the restrictions of grant-funded travel and the Fly America Act?

In the search results, Concur identifies international flights that are compliant with the Fly America Act with an icon. Keep in mind, however, that some federal funds (e.g., Department of Defense) have more international travel restrictions than the Fly America Act. Also, individual sponsors may establish travel restrictions that are specific to the award. Your sponsored project accountant can advise you on the restrictions that apply to your grant.

Is there a grace period in which to cancel without penalty? 

You’ll be notified by email when your flights are ticketed and you’ll have 24 hours to cancel those tickets without penalty, if necessary.

Can I book any international flight through Concur?

Most international destinations can be booked using either Concur or Christopherson Business Travel. If you are unable to find a particular flight in Concur, reach out to a Christopherson Business Travel agent for assistance.

Does my international ticket require additional approval? 

When you book an international trip in Concur, your ticket is held for up to 24 hours to enable Procurement Service Center review. The PSC Travel team will confirm the status of your International Travel Request. If you have not submitted a Concur Request, your airfare purchase will be denied. If your request is pending approval, the approvers will be notified and given 24 hours to take action before tickets are granted. Flights to high-risk destinations will not be ticketed without full approval. 

Does the new process apply to combined business/personal travel to international destinations?

Yes. You can book an international ticket that combines business and personal travel as long as you obtain comparison quotes documenting the costs of business-only vs. business/personal combined. If the combined trip is more expensive, reimburse the University (using a Cash Receipt form) at the time of booking. Be sure to obtain department approval for the combined trip, and retain the comparison quotes and validated Cash Receipt to attach to your expense report upon return. 

Can my delegate book the international trip for me?

Your expense delegate can create the Concur Request for pre-approval for you -- you will need to submit the Request yourself. Your travel arranger will be able to book trips (international or domestic) for you

Can I book my international trip as soon as I receive the Request Number in Concur?

No. Concur generates a Request ID Number as soon as you submit your Request. You need to wait until that request is approved before you book an international trip in Concur and CBT will not book your ticket until approval is granted. You'll receive an email notifying you when your request is approved.

Is iSOS system registration for the traveler still necessary for international trips?

Trips that are booked through Concur or CBT will automatically be uploaded into iSOS. International trips booked outside of Concur/CBT will continue to require self-registration in iSOS.