APS # APS Titlesort descending Under Review
1020 Review of the Tenure Process
8006 Acceptance of Credit for Prior Learning
5013 Acting and Interim Appointments for University Staff Positions
8005 Adopting Standards for the Intercampus Transfer of Credits Among Campuses
4018 Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events
5026 Alternate Work Arrangements for Classified Staff and University Staff
1041 Approval of Academic Units
1024 Approval of Tenured Faculty Sabbatical Assignments
5050 Background Checks
4004 Bank Account and Investment Account Restrictions
4058 Budget and Net Position Internal Reporting
8003 Campus Designation on Diplomas and Transcripts
3002 Capital Construction Planning and Projects
2027 Code of Conduct
7003 Collection of Personal Data from Students and Customers
2022 Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)
2001 Commencement Exercise Responsibilities
5061 Compensation Changes
5015 Conflict of Interest in Cases of Amorous Relationships
5012 Conflicts of Interest and Commitment in Research and Teaching
2005 Contracting Authority
4060 Crowdfunding
4006 CU Foundation Transfers
6010 Data Governance
1019 Degree Program Review
1039 Degree Revocation
2002 Delegation of Authority for Hearing on Exclusions of Persons from University Property
1006 Differentiated Annual Workloads for Faculty
6011 Digital Accessibility
4013 Disclosure of Interests
4027 Donations
6002 Electronic Communications
2008 Electronic Signatures and Transactions
5001 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
5022 Exemptions from the State Personnel System
2003 External Audit Notification and Reporting
5002 Faculty Appointment Process
5060 Faculty Appointments
1044 Faculty Consulting and External Professional Activities
5008 Faculty Performance Evaluation
5016 Faculty Retirement Agreements
2004 Federal Lobbying Activities
4022 Fiscal Certification
4016 Fiscal Code of Ethics
4012 Fiscal Misconduct Reporting
4014 Fiscal Roles and Responsibilities
3004 Functional and Honorary Naming of University Facilities and Programmatic Units
1040 Gainful Employment Certificate Approval for Inclusion in the CCHE Higher Education Funding Formula
5055 HIPAA Hybrid Entity Designation
5054 Hiring Retirees to Work in Staff or Faculty Positions
1015 Implementing Academic Unit or Degree Program Discontinuance
1043 Independent Teaching and Scholarly/Creative Work
7001 Insurance and Indemnification Requirements for Use of Facilities by Non-University Groups
1013 Intellectual Property Policy on Discoveries and Patents for Their Protection and Commercialization
1014 Intellectual Property That is Educational Materials
8002 Intercampus Enrollment and Tuition
6005 IT Security Program
3005 Lactation Space
5062 Leave
5023 Letters of Offer for University Staff
4011 License and Certification Fees, Memberships, or Dues
1007 Misconduct in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities
5053 Multi-Year Contracts for Instructional, Research and Clinical Faculty
1009 Multiple Means of Teaching Evaluation
5003 Nepotism in Employment
1038 New Degree Program Approval
7002 Operation of University Vehicles
4056 Payment Card Compliance Program
5009 Performance Ratings for University Staff
4005 Permanent Land Fund
1016 Procedures for Allocating Sponsored Project Funding on More than One Campus
8004 Procedures for Assessing Student Applicant Criminal/Disciplinary History
1017 Procedures for Implementing Regent Actions on Distinguished Professorships
1008 Procedures for the Establishment of Institutes
4015 Propriety of Expenses
7009 Protection of Children Participating in University-Run and University-Contracted Programs for Children
6001 Providing and Using Information Technology
2006 Retention of University Records
5014 Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Violence, and Stalking
8012 Special Tuition Status
1005 Sponsored Project Revenues
1012 Sponsored Research Policies
1022 Standards, Processes and Procedures for Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion, and Post-Tenure Review
2009 State Lobbying Activities
7008 Student Behaviors of Concern
5011 Student Employee Retirement Plan
2007 Student Notification of Graduating Class Rank
1042 Supplemental Academic Instruction
1045 Transfer of a Tenured Appointment
4024 Travel Authorization
5024 Tuition Assistance Benefit
1025 Uniform Grading Policy
2025 University Brand Identity and Logo Usage
5056 University Employment Postings
8013 University of Colorado Guidelines for Undergraduate Admission
2026 University Trademarks, Trade Names and Service Marks
5059 Workplace Bullying