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Tenure Accountability

Brief Description

Provides measures to verify integrity of tenure process

Policy Profile

APS Policy Title: 
Tenure Accountability
APS Number: 
Proposed Effective Date: 
May 1, 2023
Effective Date: 
January 17, 2013
Approved By: 
President Bruce D. Benson
Responsible University Officer: 
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: 
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Policy Contact: 
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tenure Accountability, October 1, 2006
Last Reviewed/Updated date: 
January 17, 2013
Applies to: 
All campuses

I. Introduction

The integrity of the tenure process depends upon the University's adherence to its tenure policies and procedures.

II.  Policy Statement

  1. Transparency of Tenure Policies

    The University's laws, policies, and procedures for tenure should be easily accessible not only to the candidates for tenure, but also to the public in general. Therefore, the University will post and maintain tenure policies and procedures on the system website; campuses will post and maintain tenure policies and campus procedures on the individual campus websites.

    In order to make the tenure process more understandable to the public, the system website will also provide a definition and history of tenure and will post and update relevant statistics on tenure as they are reported to the Board of Regents.
  2. Periodic Review and Public Reporting on Tenure Related Policies and Procedures
    1. Ten Year Review

      Every 10 years, the University shall undertake a review of its tenure policies and procedures. This review will be an opportunity to assess the overall effectiveness of the tenure process and its results. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Faculty Council, campus representatives, and representatives of the schools and colleges will conduct this review.  Campus findings shall be reported to the Board of Regents and best practices identified in this review shall be disseminated to all campuses.  In the following year, the Provost shall report on the adoption of relevant best practices .
    2. Data Collection

      The following data will be collected on each cohort of tenure track faculty:
      1. The numbers of applicants in the original hiring pool,
      2. The number of faculty members who leave the institution (and the reasons if known),
      3. The number of faculty members who come up for tenure earlier than the usual probationary period, and
      4. The number of faculty members granted or denied tenure

        Whenever possible, exit interviews shall be conducted by the Human Resources Office.
    3. Random "Audit" or Examination

      To ensure tenure policies are being followed, a random "audit" or examination of tenure case files from across the system shall be undertaken at least every five years. The audit will focus on how well tenure processes have been followed and whether there are ambiguities or problems with the process that should be addressed.    A summary of audit findings shall be reported to the Board of Regents.  The President or the Chancellor (if limited to a campus) may require a similar analysis of the post-tenure review process.
    4. Creating Consistency of Practice

      When procedural issues arise during a tenure review and there is no specific policy guidance to address the issue it should be reported to the Provost.  The Provost shall consult with the Vice President for Academic Affairs to establish a correct practice. If the gap in process appears with some regularity, system administration shall work with faculty governance to revise procedures to address this gap.

III.   Related Policies, Procedures, Forms, Guidelines and Other Resources

IV.  History

    • This policy was developed from recommendations made by the Advisory Committee on Tenure Related Processes in 2005-06.
    • APS revised 1/17/13
    • Web links updated 8/31/2016

V.  Key Words

Tenure, accountability, integrity, faculty