Existing university and campus policies and procedures are being reviewed to ensure compliance with the law. All policy changes will be posted before being implemented, and details will be reported to the university community.
Policy changes to Tuition Assistance Benefit approved; spring applications now open.
The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) announces changes to APS 5024-Tuition Assistance Benefit.
Regents approve revisions to Policy 3.E: Searches for Administrators and Guidelines for the Appointment of Chief Officers of the University and renumbered to Policy 3.C
Regents approve new Policy 13.I: Contracting Authority and Regent Notification and amendments to the related Policy 3.A. Effective date – September 10, 2020
Revisions to systemwide policy on special tuition status implemented effective on September 10, 2020.
Laws, policies relevant to political season.
The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) announces additional revisions to APS 5060 - Faculty Appointments, effective September 1, 2020.
Updates to Article 5: Faculty and related policies now in effect. Extensive restructuring put into place July 1.
Three systemwide policy changes are approved. Two become effective on August 14, 2020; one is delayed pending Regent action.