1. University of Colorado Self-Governance, Guiding Principles and Freedom of Expression

Regent Policy 1

  1. Preservation of Self-Governing Responsibilities
  2. Guiding Principles
  3. Reserved for Future Use
  4. Freedom of Expression

2. Regents of the University

Regent Policy 2

  1. Conflict of Interest–Board of Regents
  2. Regent Acceptance of Money from the University
  3. Regent Committees
  4. Regents Awards
  5. Faculty, Staff, and Student Representatives to the Board of Regents
  6. Board Meetings
  7. Direct Expenditure Authorization via Board Resolution
  8. Regent Travel Policy
  9. Political and Social Expression by Regents
  10. Fiduciary Obligations
  11. Personnel Authority for Employees Exempt from the State Personnel System
  12. Public Comment at Committee Meetings of the Board
  13. Reprimand or Censure of a Board Member
  14. Approval, Revisions or Repeal of Regent Policy

3. Officers of the University and Administration

Regent Policy 3

  1. Definitions of Officers of the University
  2. Definitions of Officers of the Administration
  3. Searches for Administrators and Guidelines for the Appointment of Chief Officers of the University
  4. Reserved for Future Use
  5. Appointments of Officers of the University and Officers of the Administration 
  6. Evaluations for Officers of the University and Officers of the Administration
  7. Officer Emeritus/Emerita
  8. Reserved for Future Use
  9. Compensation for Administrative Officers Returning to Any Faculty Positions

4. Academic Organization and Program Planning

Regent Policy 4

  1. Administration and Governance of Academic Units
  2. Academic Planning and Accountability

5. Faculty

Regent Policy 5

  1. Faculty Governance 
  2. Academic Freedom
  3. Faculty Appointments
  4. Reappointment (to a tenure-track position), Tenure, and Promotion 
  5. Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Dismissal for Cause 
  6. Termination of Faculty Appointments Following Program Discontinuance
  7. Faculty Grievance
  8. Reserved for Future Use
  9. Reserved for Future Use
  10. Intellectual Property on Discoveries and Patents for their Protection and Commercialization
  11. Intellectual Property that is Educational Material

6. University and Classified Staff

Regent Policy 6

  1. Delegations of Authority
  2. Staff Recruitment
  3. Appointments of Staff​
  4. Evaluations for Staff

7. Students

Regent Policy 7

  1. Admissions
  2. Standards of Conduct
  3. Academic Freedom
  4. Student Government

8. Conduct of Members of the University Community

Regent Policy 8

  1. Principles of Ethical Behavior
  2. Professional Employee Conduct – University Staff

9. Reserved for Future Use

10. Nondiscrimination

Regent Policy 10

A. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
M. Commitment to Needs of Persons with Disabilities
All other policy 10 sections have been rescinded or moved.

11. Compensation

Regent Policy 11

  1. Compensation Principles
  2. Faculty Salary
  3. University Staff Salary
  4. Deferred Compensation Prohibited
  5. Leave Policies for Employees
  6. Benefits

12. Student Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Regent Policy 12

  1. Student Tuition
  2. Student Fees
  3. Student Financial Aid

13. Business and Finance

Regent Policy 13

  1. University Investments
  2. Intercollegiate Athletics Policy
  3. Approval of the University Risk and Insurance Management Program
  4. Defense and Indemnification of University of Colorado Employees 
  5. Fiscal Misconduct
  6. Gifts Benefiting the University of Colorado
  7. Contractual Indemnification of Contractors
  8. Limited Authority to Transfer Certain University Funds to Certain University Auxiliary Funds to Certain University Affiliated Entities
  9. Contracting Authority and Regent Notification

14. Property and Facilities

Regent Policy 14

  1. Use of the University Seal
  2. Use of University’s Name and Marks in Advertising and Marketing by External Entities
  3. Reserved for Future Use
  4. Authorization to Form and Contract with Nonprofit Corporation(s) for Developing Discoveries and Technologies of the University of Colorado
  5. Reserved for Future Use
  6. Reserved for Future Use
  7. Reserved for Future Use
  8. Reserved for Future Use
  9. Weapons Control
  10. Naming University Facilities