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15.A.1 Treasury of the University

As authorized by state constitution and statute, the university shall maintain a university treasury under the direction and control of the Board of Regents.

15.A.2 Treasury Assets

The treasury of the university shall hold all university moneys and securities except as otherwise authorized by the Board of Regents.

15.A.3 Asset Management

In accordance with regent policy and federal and state laws, rules, and regulations, university assets held in the treasury shall be managed, invested, and accounted for by the treasurer.

15.A.4 Debt

In accordance with regent policy and state and federal laws and regulations, the treasury shall manage all university debt.

15.A.5 Endowments

In accordance with regent policy, endowments and quasi-endowments shall be established in the treasury.

15.A.6 Advisory Committee

In accordance with regent policy, an investment advisory committee shall be established to provide advice to the treasurer on the management and investment of assets held in the treasury.


  • Adopted:
  • Revised: December 19, 2002 (formerly Amendments to the Laws).
  • Last Reviewed: June 13, 2019.