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Part A: Staff Definitions

6.A.1  Classified staff are employees who are governed in the state personnel system. Classified staff will be appointed and evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the state constitution, state laws, the rules of the state personnel board, and regent policy.

6.A.2  University staff1 are employees who are exempt from the rules, procedures and regulations that govern the state of Colorado personnel system per Section 24-50-135 C.R.S.  University staff positions are subject to all other applicable federal and state law and regulations, as well as laws and policies set forth by the University of Colorado Board of Regents and other University policies.

Part B: Staff Government

6.B.1  Staff councils exist and derive their power from the authority delegated to them by the Board of Regents.

6.B.2  The University of Colorado Staff Council serves as the university wide representative body for communicating to the administration and Board of Regents matters of concern to exempt professionals and classified staff employees of the university. The chair of the University of Colorado Staff Council is the spokesperson for university staff and classified staff when addressing the Board of Regents on matters of concern to these employees.

6.B.3  The staff councils on each of the campuses and in system administration serves as the representative staff governance organization of the respective campus. At the chancellor's discretion, or the president’s discretion with regard to system administration, staff on each campus and in system administration may be organized into separate university staff and classified staff councils, or the two groups may form a combined staff council.


  • Adopted:  __________
  • Revised December 19, 2002; January 24, 2008; April 17, 2015; September 7, 2017.
  • Last Reviewed September 7, 2017.
  • 1. The term “officer and exempt professional” was replaced with the term “university staff” effective April 17, 2015.