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Part A: Property

14.A.1 Official Seal

The official seal of the University of Colorado shall be used only as permitted by the Board of Regents.

14.A.2. Commercial Seal

The commercial seal of the University of Colorado is the property of the university and shall be used only as permitted by the Board of Regents. The university’s Trademark and Licensing Program approves the use of the commercial seal on licensed products. The commercial seal may also be used internally, in accordance with the CU Branding and Identity Standards Manual, for documents, certificates of appreciation, awards, standard university stationery, invitations, and other similar uses.

14.A.3. Real Property Transactions

All transactions involving the acquisition or transfer of real property of the university shall be executed as authorized by the Board of Regents. All documentation evidencing ownership in real property of the university shall be transmitted to the treasurer of the university.

Part B: Facilities

14.B.1 Naming Facilities

Facilities shall be named in accordance with policies of the Board of Regents.

14.B.2. Principle for Appropriate Use

The university is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through a free exchange of ideas, and this shall be a pivotal principle in the determination of whether a proposed use of university facilities is appropriate.

14.B.3. Campus Regulations Regarding Use

(A) The chancellor of each campus shall adopt, in accordance with regent policy 1.D.3, university policy and applicable external laws and regulations, procedures governing the use of university grounds, buildings, and facilities on that campus.

(B) Such regulations shall include provisions to prevent interference with university functions or activities.

(C) The use of university facilities shall be limited to faculty, staff and students of the university except as the use by others may be specifically authorized under such regulations.

14.B.4 Standard of Conduct for Persons who are not Employees

While on university property, persons who are not employees of the university shall adhere to the standard of conduct applicable to university employees as provided in these Laws and Policies, and shall abide by other applicable university regulations.

14.B.5. Identification upon Request

All persons on university property must identify themselves upon request of a university employee who reasonably suspects that the person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime or a violation of a university rule or regulation.

14.B.6. Exclusion of Persons from University Property

(A) Properly authorized personnel may exclude any person from university property whose behavior is deemed to be detrimental to the well-being of the university or incompatible with the function of the university as an educational institution.

(B) The person excluded may request in writing, within one month from the date on which notice is given of the exclusion, a hearing with the appropriate chancellor or designee of the university. Each chancellor shall establish procedures for such hearings. Hearings shall be conducted in an orderly fashion so as to afford all parties the essential elements of procedural due process.


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  • Revised: September 10, 1998; November 9, 2000; December 19, 2002;May 19, 2009; June 13, 2019.
  • Date of Last Review: June 13, 2019.
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