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Part A: Academic Units

The Board of Regents shall approve the formation or discontinuance of academic units. For the purposes of Regent Laws and Policies, academic units are considered to be schools, colleges, and departments that roster tenured and/or tenure track faculty and offer at least one degree program.

A school or college shall be administered by a Dean, who, except in extraordinary circumstances and with the recommendation of the provost and approval of the chancellor, shall be a tenured full professor.

Part B: Degree Programs and Other Credentials

The Board of Regents shall approve the creation and discontinuance of degree programs. A degree program is a course of study leading to a degree at the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level and may only be offered by an academic unit or a program within an academic unit. A complete record of the academic degrees approved by the Board of Regents shall be maintained in the president's office.

When specified by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, other credentials shall also require Board of Regents approval. The Board of Regents delegates to the chancellors the discontinuance of other Regent-approved credentials.

Upon the recommendation of the faculty of a school or college, the Board of Regents shall award the appropriate academic degrees to students who have successfully completed an approved course of study. Only the Board of Regents has the right to revoke a degree.


  • Amended May 20, 1993; October 20, 1994; December 16, 1993; February 19, 1998; August 3, 2000; September 5, 2002; June 22, 2009.
  • Adopted as Article 4: Academic Organization and Program Planning, June 15, 2017, was not effective until related administrative policy statements were approved on January 1, 2018.
  • Last reviewed January 1, 2018.