Office of the Board of Regents

The Office of the Board of Regents provides support to the Regents, which consists of nine members serving staggered six-year terms, one elected from each of Colorado's eight congressional districts and two from the state at-large. The board is charged constitutionally with the general supervision of the university and the exclusive control and direction of all funds of and appropriations to the university, unless otherwise provided by law.


In addition to the Office of the Board of Regents, the University of Colorado's system administration is composed of 19 units that serve the entire CU system. These units, which provide critical support services to CU's campuses in Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Denver, as well as the Office of the President in Denver, include:

Office of the President

The president is the principal executive officer of the university, a member of the faculty and carries out the policies and programs established by the Board of Regents. The president is responsible for the administration of the university and for compliance of university matters with applicable regents laws and policies, and state and federal constitutions, laws, and regulations. The president is the chief lobbyist and fundraiser for the university.


Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs performs university-wide leadership and coordination of CU’s academic and research programs. In collaboration with campus executives, the office coordinates the development and review of academic programs for board and state agency approval and serves as liaison to faculty governance groups. The office also oversees the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities whose mission is to catalyze and integrate advances in science, engineering and technology to promote the quality of life and independent living of people with cognitive disabilities.



The CU System Office of Advancement provides excellent customer service, strategy, expertise, and efficiency to our partners on CU’s campuses and at the University of Colorado Foundation. We support CU’s fundraising and engagement goals through advancement operations that include constituent research and development, data management, business intelligence, technical architecture, annual giving, planned giving, gift administration, marketing and communications, IT, budget and finance, and more. We believe that a healthy office culture is foundational to our success. We create this by bringing together a diverse team of colleagues and infusing our core values—Work Together, Think Big, Be Good and Have Fun—into our work every day.  


Boettcher Foundation Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards Program

The Boettcher Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards program supports scientific innovation in Colorado by providing biomedical research funding for early career investigators at the state’s research institutions.  This is a competitive program and the peer review process for the CU applicants is managed by the Office of the President. Recipients of these awards, known as “Boettcher Investigators,” are awarded research grants of $235,000, covering up to three years of biomedical research.  To date, CU’s 49 Boettcher Investigators have been awarded nearly $11.4M in grants since the program was established in 2008.


Budget & Finance

The Office for the Vice President for Budget, Finance and the Chief Financial Officer has the primary responsibility of planning and coordinating the university-wide budget and capital construction process. In addition to working closely with the campus budget offices, the office works with communication offices, faculty budget committees, the CCHE, and the state legislature, in particular the Joint Budget Committee and the Capital Development Committee. The office also produces and maintains the CU Compensation Database.


Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The University of Colorado is committed to fostering a diverse, equitible, and inclusive community where all individuals are valued, respected, and supported. We believe that diversity enriches the educational experience and helps to prepare our students for success in a rapidly changing global society. Through our initiatives and programs, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, staff, and faculty, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or any other aspect of their identity.


Employee Services

Employee Services provides the CU community with excellent services from recruitment to retirement. This office provides technical expertise while administering benefits, professional development, payroll, individual tax management, and strategic HR programs. The functional areas of Employee Services include Payroll, Technologies, Benefits, Retirement, Financial Education, Learning and Development, International Tax and Human Resources.


Office of Government Relations

The Office of Government Relations, Outreach & Engagement is charged with developing and implementing a public affairs strategy to address the legislative goals of the university.


Office of Information Security

The Chief Information Security Officer and the campus Information Security Officers jointly oversee the University of Colorado’s efforts to protect its computing and information assets and to comply with information-related privacy and security laws and regulations.


Internal Audit

Internal Audit reports directly to the Board of Regents, and contributes to the university’s objectives by helping the CU community understand and apply sound business practices, through independent examination and evaluation of current processes and internal controls, and providing counsel and education to those responsible for them.


Policy and Efficiency (OPE)

The Office of Policy and Efficiency oversees and maintains the university's systemwide policymaking process by partnering with system and campus policy managers to create, revise, and distribute universitywide policies; and acts as the official repository and point-of-contact regarding universitywide policies. OPE also supports efforts and initiatives to increase efficiency and effectiveness at the university and manages the Boettcher Foundation Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards program on behalf of the president’s office.


Procurement Service Center (PSC)

The Procurement Service Center (PSC) provides leadership to the University of Colorado in the procurement of goods and services and in paying debts to vendors and travelers by combining sound business controls with efficient and timely service. The functional areas of the PSC include Purchasing Services, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management, Payable Services, Commercial Card Program, Travel Program, Small Business Program, Contract Services, and Procurement Systems. PSC is the system owner of CU Marketplace and Concur Travel and Expense.



The Treasurer's Office has a dual report to the Board of Regents and the Vice President for Budget and Finance and is responsible for overall cash management, debt management and property management. It provides support and assistance to the campuses on financing strategies, real estate issues, banking relationships, and other investment-related issues.


University Controller

The Office of University Controller (OUC) is responsible for managing the university’s system of record – the Finance System – and its interfaces with purchasing, payables, human resources, and other subsystems, including the Cognos Reporting System. The OUC works closely with the CU campus controllers, the state controller, and the state auditor’s office to ensure that fiscal practices comply with external and internal rules and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles. The OUC communicates fiscal policies and procedures to the university community through its newsletter, website, and training programs, and provides direct assistance to faculty, staff, and other individuals through the Financial Services & Solutions Help team. The office also administers a Continuing Professional Education program and the CU Innovation & Efficiency (CU I&E) Awards employee recognition program.


University Counsel

University Counsel has a dual report to the Board of Regents and the President of the University and includes several legal functions that provide an array of services to the University of Colorado system. The Office of the University Counsel provides legal advice to the Board of Regents, the president, system administration and the campuses.


University Information Services (UIS)

University Information Systems provides technical services and enterprise applications to the University of Colorado campuses and the Office of the President. UIS is committed to excellence in customer service and technical expertise. Through the development of enterprise applications, UIS supports the University as a whole with systems used by students, faculty, human resources employees, finance employees, and others.


University Relations

The Office of University Relations is responsible for all official public communication regarding the Office of the President, which includes responding to requests from the news media for information, interviews and official statements. The office also directs the president's community tours and outreach, manages the president's regional business and community councils and oversees the university's special events and outreach with targeted communities. University Relations also produces the weekly CU Connections, news and information for CU Faculty and Staff, oversees the systemwide branding initiative and the implementation of an online alumni communications tool, among many other print, web and social media projects.


University Risk Management

The Office of University Risk Management is responsible for affirmative control and minimization of risk, promoting a strong proactive loss prevention program, and using aggressive leading edge concepts to insure the safety of students, employees and others as well as protecting the assets and income of each system campus.