APS #8005


Adopting Standards for the Intercampus Transfer of Credits Among Campuses

Brief Description

Sets forth the policies governing the applicability of credit for students transferring among the University of Colorado campuses.

Reason for Policy

To facilitate the transfer of undergraduate students among its campuses, consistent with Colorado Commission on Higher Education policies and with the university's commitment to minimize duplication of course work.

Policy Profile

APS Policy Title: 
Adopting Standards for the Intercampus Transfer of Credits Among Campuses
APS Number: 
Effective Date: 
January 7, 2010
Approved By: 
President Bruce D. Benson
Responsible University Officer: 
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: 
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Policy Contact: 
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Adopting Standards for the Intercampus Transfer of Students Among Campuses, February 1, 2000
Last Reviewed/Updated date: 
July 1, 2013
Applies to: 
All University of Colorado students

I. Introduction

  1. The general purposes of this policy are to:
    1. ensure the transition of undergraduate students between and among CU campuses without undue loss of credit,
    2. provide fair treatment of home campus and transfer students, and
    3. improve the selection of courses by students seeking to transfer..

II. Policy Statement

  1. Transfer of Lower-Division General Education Requirements

    Colorado policy ensures that students who have successfully completed state guaranteed general education courses (known as "gtPathways" courses) will receive up to 31 transfer credits applied to graduation requirements at all public institutions unless a specific statewide articulation agreement exists. Receiving institutions will apply gtPathways course credit to a student's general education or elective requirements. Application of gtPathways credit toward the major will be determined by the receiving campus, since approved courses in gtPathways are not based on course equivalencies, but rather meet content and competency criteria.

    Lower-division courses not approved for gtPathways credit, but designated in the sending institution's catalog as a general education course within a specific content area (e.g., arts and letters, social science, natural science, etc.) will be applied toward the credit hour and distribution requirements at the receiving institution within the same category.
  2. Applicability of Individual Upper-Division Courses
    1. It is the policy of the University of Colorado to accept and give credit to individual courses offered at one of the CU campuses that are comparable to those offered by any other general campus. Course equivalency will be based on course title, course description and course content as evaluated by faculty or advisors in the discipline. Campuses may wish to consider developing course equivalency tables in order to facilitate the transfer process and reduce the number of appeals.
    2. Applicability of coursework will be the purview of the campus to which the student transfers.
    3. In cases where course equivalency is questioned, the appeals process described in this policy shall apply.
  3. Requirements for Departmental Evaluations
    1. Each campus shall require that departmental evaluations for students who have confirmed their transfer from another campus be completed and the student notified within thirty (30) calendar days after all the official transcripts and Office of Admissions' course evaluations are received in the department. If a student is not notified within thirty (30) calendar days of that date, or his/her transfer request is denied, the student is entitled to submit an appeal. The department must respond within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date the appeal is filed.
    2. A student may request a departmental evaluation of program requirements each time the student files a change of major or a change in degree plan. These evaluations will become part of the student's academic file.
  4. Resolution of Student Disputes
    1. Inter-campus transfer appeals process. Each campus shall establish a single transfer appeals process that includes at minimum an opportunity to appeal the following:
      1. The initial transcript evaluation
      2. A decision regarding the transferability of a specific course(s)
      3. A decision regarding the applicability or placement of a specific course(s)
    2. Appeals regarding intercampus transfer that cannot be resolved at the campus level will follow the guidelines set down by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education in the Statewide Transfer Policy for Colorado Public Institutions of Higher Education.

III. History

  • Initial policy February 1, 2000
  • Revised January 7, 2010

IV. Key Words

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