Funding Entry allows you to determine and allocate funding to a position.

This pay action modifies funding pages, which make up the Department Budget Table. DBTs store distribution information for earnings, deductions and taxes.

Step-by-Step: Funding Entry

Step-by-Step: Creating a Position with Funding

Job Aid: Manage Funding Suspense

Job Aid: Cross-Campus Funding


To find out more about funding distributions, suspense, and the department budget table, check out these training resources:

Funding Distribution Basics and Suspense Clearing

Description: What’s the relationship between funding and position? This webinar takes a good look at them both so you can see how job-data compensation, frequency, and standard hours factor into funding distributions. We’ll also review why payroll goes to suspense.

Date recorded: June 4, 2019

Duration: 1 hour

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Department Budget Table and Fiscal Rollover

Description: This webinar looks at how the department budget table (DBT) manages and stores funding entry data, including earnings, suspense, taxes and deductions. See how the DBT is related to position, department and fiscal year. Look at the fiscal-year rollover process and deadlines, and consider funding entry before, during and after the rollover period.

Date recorded: May 7, 2019

Duration: 55 minutes

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For more information about Combination Codes (speedtypes), visit the CU Controller's website.