Issue additional pay in a snap.

The Additional Pay transaction adds a bonus, moving/relocation reimbursement or incentive pay to an employee's wages. 

There are two types of additional payments: 

  • A one-time payment issues once during a pay period and ends on or after the pay end date.
  • A recurring payment issues a payment over more than one pay period.

 Step-by-Step: Making an additional one-time payment

 Step-by-Step: Making an additional recurring payment 

Quick Reference Guide: View completed ePAR transactions

 Step-by-Step: Approving transactions

 Form: Additional Pay Form

Job Aid: Transaction Pages and Action Reasons

Tips and Tricks

  • Both one-time and recurring payments must be approved. Once approved, one-time payments feed into Reported CU Time, while recurring payments feed into payroll and are stored in the HCM additional pay page.
  • A one-time payment needs to have an end date so it's included in the next pay cycle.
  • Recurring payments require both a monthly amount and a goal amount. You can split this payment between more than one speedtype to create two separate additional pay transactions.