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The following training topics are currently under development.

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Topic Format Target Date Communications
Requesting COVID Supplies July  
Tracking COVID Supply Requests July  
Review/revision of FIN Videos and Text Instructions July  
CU Marketplace 20.2 Upgrade July  
PeopleSoft Inquiry Skillsoft course updates August  
PeopleSoft Journal Entry Skillsoft course updates   August  
Gift Fund Skillsoft updates   August  
Purchasing & Contract Management Skillsoft course updates   August  
Searching for Documents in CU Marketplace   August  
Fund 80 Guidance   September  

These training topics are under consideration for future development.

  • Reading the m-Fin Financial Detail
  • Reading the m-Fin Trial Balance Summary
  • Fund Accounting Overview
  • Refund-related Training
  • Reading the Program Gift Utilization Report
  • Reading the Payments Received Report
  • PeopleSoft PUM Update
  • Forms in CU Marketplace
  • CU Marketplace 20.3 Upgrade
  • Contracts Do’s & Don’ts
  • Travel Card – Top 5 Things to Know
  • PeopleSoft Practice Course in Skillsoft
  • Procurement Certification Program
  • Travel Management Certification Program
  • Procurement Card – Top 5 Things to Know
  • Procurement Glossary Finance Glossary

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