General information on how to travel is available on the Travel page.

See the Travel Reconciliation Expense Report Process for a graphic overview of the process from start to finish.

Logging into the Concur Travel & Expense System

Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the Concur Travel & Expense System tile.

Step 1 - Creating the Expense Report

Step 2 - Adding Expenses (including Reconciling Cash Advances)

How you paid for an expense determines whether the expense should be imported or added as a new expense.

Importing Airfare and Travel Card Expenses

Adding Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Use these guides to add common travel expenses to your report.

Adding Mileage to Expense Reports

Adding Lodging to Expense Reports

Adding Meal Per Diem to Expense Reports

Using the Travel Card to Pay for Travel Meals

Adding Attendees to Official Function Expenses

Reconciling Cash Advances 

Refunds vs. Reimbursements

Step 3 - Allocating Expenses

Step 5 - Setting the Approval Flow