Your COVID supply request is not like other requisitions you create in that these requests are consolidated into a cart with other departments’ COVID supply requests. The PSC then processes the consolidated cart and submits to the appropriate supplier/s as part of a bulk order.

With the consolidated cart process, the PSC Purchasing Agent handling the cart becomes the new Requestor. This means the Purchasing Agent will receive any related notifications from CU Marketplace -- including notifications about the requirement for Receiving so that invoices (in any amount) against Purchase Orders over $10,000 will pay.

You can look up your original requisition to see updates on your order, including whether your order has been placed and whether you need to take some action, like receiving.

Lead times for COVID supplies may be substantial -- up to two months or more. You may want to make a note in your calendar to remind you when your order might reasonably be expected. 

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Step 1 - Look up your original requisition to see if it's been sourced to a purchase order

  1. In CU Marketplace, search for your original COVID supply request.

    If you don’t know your requisition number, click the My Requisitions link. If it’s been over 90 days since you submitted it, use the Date Range filter on the left to expand your search.
    If you do know your requisition number, look it up using the Quick Search field.

    When you’ve found your requisition, click on the Requisition No. link to open it.
  2. In the requisitions lines section:
    If a requisition line has been combined with other COVID Supply requests, you'll see the  consolidated cart will show a Consolidated Cart icon.

    Note - When all line items have been sourced and moved into a consolidated cart, a new comment will be automatically added to the requisition. All items are consolidated. This requisition is auto approved will show on the Comments tab of the requisition.

  3. In the General section:
    If an order has been placed with a supplier, you'll see the purchase order number. Click the PO number to see supplier and other PO information.

    Note: Consolidation of your COVID Supply request may have resulted in the creation of multiple Purchase Orders.

Step 2 - Monitor the purchase order for updates from the Purchasing Agent

  1. As the requestor of the consolidated cart, the Purchasing Agent receives all related Marketplace notifications.  The Purchasing Agent shares information with you by placing Comments on the purchase order.
  2. To monitor updates, click on the Comments tab. The PSC will notify you using comments on the PO for the following events:
    • Tracking information is received
    • Notification of shipping delay
    • PO has been invoiced
    • You need to do Receiving on the PO
  3. To respond to a specific Comment, click the Reply To link.
    In the popup window, verify the Purchasing Agent's name...enter your text...and click Add Comment.

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