As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, significant supply chain disruptions are affecting the ability to purchase certain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disinfecting supplies. Therefore, departments must request these items through a specialized process -- the non-catalog consolidated cart procedures for Requesting COVID Supplies. Follow these procedures to request:

  • Bouffant Caps 
  • Disinfectant Spray Bottles/Refills
  • Face Shields 
  • Gloves (basic use only)
  • Hand Sanitizer (small bottles)
  • Safety Glasses
  • Shoe Covers

Specific items/sizes may vary. Some items (e.g., caps, face shields, shoe covers ) are typically only required for lab or medical environments.

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There are a few things to note before you get started:

  • Your department may not need all supplies listed. 
  • Lead times can be two months or more. Consider your long-term needs (e.g., through the end of the calendar year) as opposed to just the next month or so. 
  • There are no brand/other selection options available. 
  • Prices in CU Marketplace reflect the higher end of the price range for products and may not be the final cost. This is to allow for market changes and flexibility in sourcing.
  • Each campus relies on a different distribution process. Please see your campus instructions for shipping and distribution. You should provide your Ship-To address as you ordinarily would in CU Marketplace. 
  • Your shopping cart can only contain items selected from the COVID Supplies section.
  • Your requisition will be reviewed by a PSC Purchasing Agent and moved into a consolidated cart. It will then be submitted to the appropriate supplier/s as part of a bulk order. For information on tracking your requisition, see here.
  1. On the CU Marketplace home page, locate the Showcases section.
  2. Use the scroll bar to reach the COVID Supplies section. This section includes a list of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disinfectant supplies. Specific items/sizes may vary.
  3. Click on the item you want and it will appear in a separate window. 
    • Review the Description for essential information about the product. Important! See if a minimum order quantity is identified for this item.
    • Update the Quantity, being sure to comply with minimum quantity requirements, if those were identified, in the Description field.

      Note - The Unit Price reflects the higher end of the price range for the selected product and may not be the final price. This is to allow for market changes and flexibility in sourcing.
  4. Use the Available Actions dropdown menu located at the top of the page to select either:
    • Add and go to Cart (if this is the only item/last item you’re requesting right now); or,
    • Add to Cart and Return (if you want to request additional COVID supplies). In this case - repeat the above steps to request additional items. Select Add and go to Cart when ready to finalize.

      Click Go.
  5. In your shopping cart, click the Add Speedtype/Shipping/etc. button in the upper right corner.
  6. Select the Shipping tab. Verify the Ship To address.
    If you want the supplies to ship to more than one address, scroll down to the individual lines of the requisition. 
    • Click Edit on any line that should be delivered to an address other than the one on the header. 
    • The Ship to popup will appear. Update the shipping address. Enter the attention (ATTN) and room/floor/suite (RM/FL/STE) information and click Save.
  7. Select the Accounting Codes tab and complete your SpeedType and Account information. A few special accounting instructions for select campuses:
    • Anschutz departments:  Use the appropriate department SpeedType. Use the appropriate Account code for tracking based on whether these are items routinely needed for lab/medical environments, or are items needed specifically for COVID response.
    • Colorado Springs departments: Use SpeedType 41001559 (Coronavirus Management) and Account 552648 (Safety Training & Supplies) if purchasing items needed specifically for COVID response. Use the appropriate department SpeedType and Account code if purchasing items for routine department needs (e.g., Nursing department routinely buys gloves).
    • CU System: Use the appropriate department SpeedType. Use Account 552611 (SYSTEM ONLY-C19 Goods/Supplies).

      If appropriate, you can split the accounting distribution for your requisition between more than one SpeedType and/or more than one Account code.

  8. When your cart details are complete, click the Assign Cart or Submit Order button, based on whether you have a Shopper role or a Requestor role in CU Marketplace.
  9. Click on the PR Approvals tab to see the approval flow for your requisition.
    • For requisitions created by individuals at the Colorado Springs Campus: your requisition will route to Special Provisions for internal campus review prior to routing to Cart Consolidation for processing by the PSC. 
      For all other campuses’ requisitions: if your requisition is $10,000 or less, it will route directly to Cart Consolidation for processing by the PSC.
    • For all campuses: If your requisition is over $10,000, it will route for Financial Approval -- and for Sponsored Project Approval, if appropriate -- before reaching Cart Consolidation.
    • If the consolidated cart (which typically contains many requisitions) is over $10,000, it will route for Sponsored Project Approval, if appropriate -- before reaching Purchasing Review.
  10. During the Cart Consolidation step, the PSC will move your requisition into a consolidated shopping cart and place a bulk order with the appropriate supplier/s. The bulk order will typically involve the creation of multiple Purchase Orders, based on the various Ship To locations of the requisitions contributing to the bulk order.

    Note - The requisition will show as ‘Active’ in the Cart Consolidation stage until all items in the requisition have been sourced.

  11. When your requisition is moved into a consolidated cart, the PSC Purchasing Agent becomes the new Requestor and therefore receives all related Marketplace notifications. The PSC will communicate with you about the status of your order by adding comments to your original Requisition. Remember that lead times for COVID supplies may be substantial -- up to two months or more.
  12. The PSC will notify you when invoices are received against your Purchase Order/s. They’ll also let you know if you need to do receiving (create a quantity receipt in CU Marketplace) in order for your invoice/s to pay. 

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