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Top 10 Tech Tips of 2023

We’re shining a light on the top 10 most visited tips in 2023 by CU staff, faculty and —  according to our analytics — many more beyond CU!

1. Fixing Delay Delivery stalls in Outlook. 28,168 page views

A common challenge when using Delay Delivery in the desktop version of Outlook is that the email will only be sent when the application is open. This can defeat the purpose of scheduling the send if the point was to send a message while you are out of the office, for example. Luckily, we found two workarounds for this problem.

2. Improve laptop performance by deleting temporary files. 18,704 page views

Temporary files accumulate over time and impact the memory available for your computer to run core processes. If you’re running low on storage space, you should consider deleting your temp files to free up space that you can use for other files and data.

3. Create polls in Teams channels and chats. 15,375 page views

You may have used a poll during a Zoom or Teams meeting, but did you know you can also add a poll in a Teams channel or chat?

4. Collaborate across groups by sharing Outlook Contacts. 6,997 page views

Within the CU System, you can communicate with everyone who has a email address; however, manually creating repeating lists of people to disseminate for each project can be monotonous and slow-moving. By sharing a contacts folder with a team, you can optimize collaboration.

5. Create an Outlook calendar appointment from an email. 6,560 page views

Have a request that you need to complete by a certain day? Microsoft Outlook allows you to convert email messages into appointments.

6. Create and rename a Microsoft Teams group chat. 5,308 page views

Creating a Microsoft Teams group chat is a great way to stay connected, collaborate and share files as a group. Up to 200 people can participate.

7. Using Task View in Windows. 4,468 page views

Task View is a feature in Windows that allows you to manage your opened applications and virtual desktops, as well as a history of recently opened files, allowing you to alternate between various desktops and create personalized workflows.

8. Avoid sending both Zoom and Teams links in your meeting invites. 3,068 page views

Have you ever received a meeting invitation with both a Zoom link and a Teams link? This can lead to confusion with some attendees waiting for a meeting to begin on the wrong platform.

9. Set Teams Quiet Time for better work/life balance on your mobile app. 1,783 page views

Teams Quiet Time feature, available only on the mobile application, allows you to specify the hours and days you want to be notified of new messages.

10. Pin a folder or document to navigate more easily. 1,362 page views

Most of us need quick access to numerous folders, which often have several subfolders within them. To easily navigate File Explorer, pin a folder to the Quick Access toolbar.


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