Skillsoft is the application used to facilitate and capture training across the University of Colorado. It’s managed by Employee Services, but there are a couple questions UIS often receives when users access Skillsoft.
Important security updates require all University of Colorado System devices to connect to the CU VPN in September.
All CU Systemwide applications will be unavailable during the 60-hour Data Center Move.
Best practices for meetings in general, like sharing an agenda in advance, still apply to hybrid meetings. There are unique challenges and benefits to hybrid meetings where several participants are in the same meeting room while others are remote.
Coming into the office to work can be refreshing and a nice change of pace after an extended period of remote work. When coming to 1800 Grant, there are a few things to remember.
On a busy day, saving just one file to your desktop can be tempting, especially if you’ll need to retrieve it again in a few minutes. Over time, though, those files become visual clutter and may impact your focus.
Remaining vigilant in safeguarding sensitive information is a priority in today’s digital world. There are multiple options for file storage that depend on the content of your file or document.
Remote and in-person work environments function efficiently when positive communication and collaboration are the norm.
If you need to send a poll to find a meeting time, there’s no need to use third-party tools like Doodle. You can do it faster right from Outlook.
Google Chrome has intuitive hotkeys to save you time when you mistakenly close a tab or need to refresh your tab. Here is a few that can be helpful in a pinch.