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In The Works

Here is what’s coming down the pike.


  • m-Fin FISCAL ROLES. This will be a new report that is like the old Fiscal Role Look Up but runs faster and is well suited to MSExcel output.
  • Finish FishNet decommission. Most FishNet financial reports are gone now. The few that remain we’ll be working on decommissioning in January.
  • m-Fin POSITION BUDGET enhancements. We are putting more sorting and summary flexibility into this m-Fin report, and also different handling of position codes that are not found in HRMS.
  • Fund 34 enhancement. We are going to exclude account code 012701 from the calculation of available balance. This works around a timing issue with the feed of CUF amounts at fiscal year-end.
  • Fund 35 available balance calculation. This is a new fund this fiscal year and we need to show an available balance amount for it.
  • Cognos 10.2. This new version of Cognos will be going live in production after some problems found in testing are resolved. In addition to testing, we have been working on taking advantage of its improved features for validation of prompted input. Direct login to Cognos after timeout will work properly. Google Chrome fans: Cognos 10.2 will work with Chrome.
  • Query Studio. This is Cognos’s ad hoc query tool. While not for everyone, we nevertheless expect it to become an important part of our overall strategy for the Cognos Reporting System project.
  • PI oriented reports. We will create some m-Fin reports based on input received from PI’s, and from the campus controller offices, for reports intended for principal investigators (PI’s).
  • Salary and Benefits subtotals. We’ll be adding this subtotal to more reports.
  • GASB reports. These are reports for the OUC and the campus controller offices.
  • PSLite decommission. We have not yet begun work on this decommission but it is on our radar. There will be much more communication about this, including meetings with groups of users, when we begin. We have not set a date yet to begin.

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