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The Speedtypes Shown When Running By Org

When m-Fin reports are run by org they return more speedtypes than are needed, particularly for project funds. The reports do have a filter to test whether a speedtype has had any activity during the fiscal year. The problem is even just roll-forward activity is considered current fy activity. Roll-forward processing is what moves ending balances for projects from one fiscal year to the next. Roll-forward processing by itself should not be considered current fy activity.

I have prototyped a solution but it is slowing the reports down. So now I am working on tuning for speed. When running by org, active speedtypes will show. This will be determined simply by the status attribute, if it is ‘A’. Inactive speedtypes, those with status ‘I’, also will show but only if they have activity during the fiscal year other than roll-forward. If you need to suppress these there will be an option to run for active speedtypes only.

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