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Project Accountant Added To m-Fin SPEEDTYPE LIST

Project accountant (aka. "grant accountant") is now available in the EXTRAS in m-Fin SPEEDTYPE LIST.  There are so many EXTRAS that we added some preset buttons that can be used in conjunction with the standard select all and deselect all links that Cognos provides.  We hope this facilitates the selection of just those columns you are interested in seeing.  After testing this in Cognos QA this week, we'll have it moved to production.  As always, you are welcome to test in Cognos QA as well.  [12-Jan-2015 migrated to production.]  This report is in the Look Ups subfolder under the Finance folder.

Remember - this is just a "lookup" report.  It merely shows attributes for FOPPS and Speedtypes, rather than what has been booked on them.

My thanks to members of Boulder's Office of Contracts and Grants for the suggestion to add this column.

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