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PO Line Descriptions

Currently there are no descriptions on PO lines (Purchase Order lines).  Did you order bucket of bolts for $10?  In the m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL report you see a PO line for $10 but no description on it saying “bucket of bolts.”  This is because the descriptions are missing from the underlying CIW database table used by m-Fin.  IRM and the CU Marketplace team have devised a solution for this and are testing it now.  It only fixes the missing PO line descriptions.  The voucher line descriptions that have always been there remain truncated to 30 characters because they are stored this way in CU’s PeopleSoft Finance system.  So that problem will need to be addressed separately.

Here is an m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL example showing the the data now and then what it will look like after the database change goes to production.





You can test this yourself by running m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL in the Cognos QA Finance folder. When prompted for database connection, select ciwqa. The data is not totally up-to-date in ciwqa, so don’t use it to make business decisions, but you can see the effect of the database change for line descriptions. This is how I got the second screen-shot.

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