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PET's in m-Fin

Here are ways to see PET's in m-Fin.  PET's are payroll expense transfers - journal entries that make changes to the existing accounting for pay.  PET's change only the accounting, changing for example what program or project is charged with the pay.  PET's do not affect how much pay the employee receives, or when they receive it.  In fact, usually the employee already has received the pay.  Please remember that m-Fin shows journals that have posted.  If you are trying to troubleshoot a PET that for some reason has not posted, you will not see it in m-Fin.

m-Fin PET

This report is meant for when you know who created the PET and when.  Find a PET by creator and date, and list out all of its detail lines.


These reports are meant for reviewing an employee's pay, including seeing the effects of PET's on the accounting.  Both of these reports have more than one section, so when in HTML use the page down link in the lower left of the output window to advance through all of the sections.


PET journal id's all start with "PET."  Usually there is more than one PET in a journal, however, so if you need to discern a specific PET you can turn on the EXTRAS option PET OPER ID, DATE, SEQ.  These columns reveal the basics of who created the PET and when, and provide a drill link to m-Fin PET.  The EXTRAS prompt is on the second page of prompting.  Use the next button to get to it:

Here is a short video that walks you through the steps:  FIN 9.2 How-To: Looking Up PETs in m-Fin.

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