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m-Fin TREE ZOOM is a new report that demonstrates Cognos reporting with an on-screen, interactive orientation. It shows expenditure actuals at a high level of summary with drills that descend the org and accou



nt trees – zooming in on successively lower levels of summary.


Since it is a top-down analysis, m-Fin TREE ZOOM is for those of you who are familiar with the high levels of the org tree. It’s not meant for managing individual programs or projects.

To test, go to Cognos QA, in the Orgnode Reports folder. This is a new folder.

Zoom Lens


Freeze row headings

If you have to scroll to the right to see all the orgnodes, right-click on any cell and select Freeze Row Headings. This makes the scrolling a bit more manageable.

Funds galore

The default presentation is all funds combined. You can use the FUND prompt, located above the m-Fin logo, to pick an individual fund.

No org search yet

We’d like to build an org search right into this report. Until then, if you find yourself wandering around in the drills trying to find a particular org or orgnode, try this: start another web browser window and go run Public Folders ‎> CU Reporting ‎> Finance ‎> Look Ups‬ > m-Fin ORG TREE LINEAGE. It shows the path of drills to take.

If you like this report we need to hear from you

The drilling is neat but m-Fin TREE ZOOM is still a report, not an app rich with features. Do you find it useful?

freeze row headings


fund prompt



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