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m-Fin Production Migration

Five reports have migrated to production.

  1. JOURNAL ENTRIES.  Replacement for the old, broken Journal Entry "search" report.
  2. m-Fin EXPENDITURE TYPE.  Descriptions rather than just codes in subtotal footers.  Improved prompt validation.
  3. m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY.  Improved zero suppression in AVAILABLE BALANCE report section.  E.g. when liabilities all net to zero they are not shown.
  4. m-Fin POSITION BUDGET.  Cell wrapping prevented for the display of POSITION NUM - INCUMBENT ID -- NAME.
  5. Project Reports > m-Fin LOC POOL.  Text box prompt instead of drop-down picklist prompt for project id.  This report is used by the Sponsored Projects Accounting office for letter of credit processing.

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