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m-Fin Cognos Reporting System Town Hall Meetings

This week OUC and I finish up our series of Town Hall meetings introducing m-Fin reporting to the Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Anschutz Medical campuses. It has been my pleasure to present our work to you. The m-Fin reports are available in CU’s Cognos production environment. If you find you do not have the necessary access privileges you may contact

You are invited to sign up for hands-on training:

Boulder Campus: Hands-on Training

Denver Campus and Anschutz Medical Campus: Hands-on Training

Colorado Springs Campus: not yet scheduled.

Some things to remember at this point in m-Fin’s development are

  • m-Fin reports currently offer summary only to fopps/speedtype. Eventually there will be other levels of summary available but they aren’t there now.
  • m-Fin reports will continue to be improved. This means they can change.
  • New m-Fin reports are in the works as well.
  • We still hope to upgrade to Cognos 10 in March. The reports will run the same way but the buttons you use to launch them will be re-arranged some.

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