If you are focused on reviewing budget amount by initial continuing, current continuing, initial temporary, and current temporary, please test m-Fin BUDGET STATUS report available in CU-Data QA.[Migrated to production 04-Sep-2018]. Like many other m-Fin reports, this report too runs for a given speedtype, gang of speedtypes, or FOPPS. The report has an accounting period option to completely exclude period zero. Most 1x funds have no period zero, but fund 12 can.  Period zero data are balances rolled forward from the close of the prior fiscal year.

The expenditure section of the report is broken out into two categories: PERSONNEL AND OPERATING SUPPORT. As the name itself suggests, personnel expenses are derived by adding expenses related to employees such as salaries, tuition benefits, and all other benefits. Please note that the benefits are broken out into two lines. Faculty tuition is shown separately in its own line and is excluded from benefits line. The operating support expenses are all non-employee related expenses such as COGS, Travels etc.

If you run the report for an ORG | ORGNODE, a report section appears starting on its own page. It is a simple list without dollars, to show what departments have been included in your report on the first page.

Please test this new report in CU-Data QA and leave your feedback below.


Chris Gotski

Please disregard my earlier commnet on the window not opening in a new page. I was utilzing Chrome as my browser, and the popup bloker was enabled.
I can now see the drill down data in a new window.

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