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About a year ago we released the m-Fin BAE BY MONTH – SUMMARY report. The report was set to show only the amounts directly impacting a speedtype’s available balance. Now we are increasing the flexibility of the report to make it useful for purposes beyond just available balance. There are three new prompts for:


  • whether to render an available balance section,
  • when to show the assets and liabilities section, and
  • what revenues to include in the BAE section.

These prompts are on the second page of prompting, available via the Next button.

Other changes to the report include

  • f-and-a type in header,
  • subtotal for sal, ben, and wages, and
  • drilling on assets and liabilities.

This new version of the report is available to you now in Cognos QA [08-Oct-2012 The report is now in production.]. Give it a test drive. Leave your feedback below.

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