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m-Fin ACCOUNT NUMBER is a good way to juxtapose activity in the same account code from different speedtypes.


Last night I had a request for all salaries, benefits, and lab expenses for a single PI on all his grants. Perfect! — Yoda (famous Jedi and m-Fin ACCOUNT NUMBER user)



Now we have made it even better. This new version is available for you to test in Cognos QA.

  1. Optionally page by org or page by pgm/project.
  2. Totaling will not sum Balance Sheet amounts with Income Statement amounts. Income Statement is Rev, Exp, Trans.
  3. FY column will appear in funds other than 30/31 if period zero (aka. rollforward) data found.

I have always intended this report to be useful not only for 1.) runs with narrow account code selection and broad fopps selection, but also for 2.) runs with broad account code selection and narrow fopps selection. These new enhancements improve the report’s utility for this second kind of run.

An example of narrow account code selection and broad fopps selection is one account code for an entire campus, like acct code 702001 for orgnode B0001 — BOULDER CAMPUS. An example of broad account code selection and narrow fopps selection is all expenditures for a single department, like 400000 – 989999 — EXPENDITURES for org 10422 — INTL ED-STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS, or perhaps a run like Yoda’s.

I particularly encourage those of you that use subclass to give this report a try.

Thanks Boulder International Education’s Marie Cox for helping with this.

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